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What’s it Like to Live in Fort Morgan, CO?

Meet 8z Real Estate.  Finding the perfect place to call home can be really hard, so we’ve all done countless hours of home searching and neighborhood scouting to make it as easy as possible for you. Check out this guide to help you decide if Fort Morgan, CO is right for you.

Fort Morgan, Colorado (3)
By Ken Lund

What’s it like to live in Fort Morgan?

You get all the benefits of living in a small town with the convenience of a big city since Denver is just a little over an hour southwest of Fort Morgan. While there’s a job for almost anyone in Denver, most people can find a great career right in Fort Morgan. I love hiking and swimming at nearby Jackson Lake State Park. Lots of people also go boating, fishing, camping, jet skiing, or bird watching there.

Residents and visitors can hunt deer or birds, ice skate, and ice fish at the right times of year. Even though I have to go to work, living in Fort Morgan and having all this fun stuff to choose from is like being on vacation. That’s probably why so many people have vacation homes here.


What types of homes are in Fort Morgan?

You’ll see a lot of one story mid-century modern style ranch houses. Many have small sheds or even former barns to store lawn mowers and other tools. Other homes look more Victorian or postmodern. Along with newer homes, they usually have two stories.

Neighborhoods tend to have similar houses, so ask one of our experienced real estate agents which area has the most examples of the particular type of home you’re looking for. You can live in a suburb with friendly neighbors, on a secluded farm, or in the center of town near stores, restaurants, and coffee shops.

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What’s unique about Fort Morgan?

The historic buildings downtown are some of my favorite sights. The military school at the Fort Morgan State Armory was built in 1922 and then used as a military school in WWII. Today it’s the town recreation center. If you need a break from outdoor activities, visit the Fort Morgan Museum. It has permanent and temporary exhibits on the history of Fort Morgan, from prehistory to today. The museum even has a library of genealogical information if you want to research your family history.


Where are the good schools in Fort Morgan?

There are several great public and private schools in and near Fort Morgan. Parents can choose a school with great academics, smaller class sizes, a big activities program, or other characteristics. Different families often want different education styles, and a great school makes a neighborhood look much more appealing. Here are some of the best schools in Fort Morgan.

High school students should do what I did (a while ago) and get a head start by taking classes at Morgan Community College. Students can save money and even graduate early. Many graduates also attend quality local schools like Northern Colorado College, Denver College, and Colorado State University.


Rainbow Arch Bridge
By Jeffrey Beall

What are the best things to do in Fort Morgan?

There’s so much so do that sometimes even I have trouble deciding. You can pick from 6 city parks, a skateboard park, an 18-hole golf course, one of the fastest dirt racetracks in Colorado, the I-76 Speedway, and more. The city holds fun festivals and events all the time. Some of the most popular are Cinco de Mayo and the International Music Fest in May, the Glenn Miller Dancin’ on the Plains Festival in June, and the Fall Harvest Car Show in September.

You can also tour Syntax Spirits Distillery to learn about how vodka, whiskey, and rum are made. Go skydiving, spend a few hours at the library, or just take a walk near the Rainbow Arch Bridge downtown and enjoy nature. The options are almost endless in Fort Morgan.


Is Fort Morgan right for me?

Fort Morgan is the perfect place for people who like to stay active. This growing city has beautiful wide open landscapes and many fun activities to choose from. I especially like the friendly small town feel, picturesque historic buildings, and peaceful suburbs.

In Fort Morgan, you can get to know your neighbors and feel safer without having to live somewhere boring. If you like what Fort Morgan has to offer so far, contact one of our expert real estate agents so we can help you find all the information you need to choose the perfect home for you.


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