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Thinking of Moving to Glen Haven?

Meet 8z Real Estate.  We know it isn’t easy searching for real estate you’ll love. That is why we scouted great homes in a beautiful city so that you can easily find exactly what you have in mind without having to leave your current home to find it. If you want your search for a new home to be simple then see what one of our real estate agents had to say about the city of Glen Haven:

By Mike Lewis
By Mike Lewis

What’s it like to live in Glen Haven?

Living in Glen Haven is like living with an endless backyard where there is always new beautiful scenery to take in and explore. It’s not hard to keep busy when hiking, camping, bicycling, and horseback riding are so easily accessible that it’s what everyone in town is doing for fun.

Glen Haven is the type of place where people would rather gaze outside at the beautiful mountainous surroundings and active wildlife than turn on their television. The only thing that is in between you and the great outdoors in Glen Haven is your front door.


What types of homes are in Glen Haven?

There are many different styles of homes in Glen Haven, but one of the more popular builds is the log home. This is very fitting with the mountainous environment, especially the log homes with stone accented walls and fire places.

Because there is always a scenic view, most homes have large or numerous windows that allow you to take in your surroundings from inside. If you need a house with a barn and a fenced in area for your horses then Dunraven Glade is the part of town you will want to look into first.

Glen Haven homes also accommodate both the social and private person. If you like having neighbors then Dunraven Glade might be for you since you are able to see some of the nearby homes from your own. But if privacy is your style then the hilltops of Elkridge might be best suited for your way of living. Whether you have neighbors nearby or not, you will never feel claustrophobic with all the space you are given in a Glen Haven home.

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What’s unique about Glen Haven?

It is obvious that Glen Haven is very unique in its beautiful scenery and accessibility to nature, but these are not the only things that make this town different. One popular attraction is the local General Store. This store has been around for over 90 years, and it is still in great shape. Although it is a great place to visit because of its old age, it’s actually very popular for the cinnamon rolls sold there. This historical building sells such good homemade cinnamon rolls that there are people who make sure to drive into town when vacationing in Colorado just to try one.


Where are the good schools in Glen Haven?

Most people will agree that access to a good education is important when choosing a home. Although there isn’t a school in Glen Haven, there are many great schools nearby. Not only is education important, but there should also be options.

Whether you want your child enrolled in a preschool, private school, or public school Glen Haven is not far from any type of schooling that best fits your child’s educational needs. There are many schools nearby, but rather than name them all, here is a list of the best rated schools near Glen Haven:


USA Pro Challenge
By Kimon Berlin

What are the best things to do in Glen Haven?

If you are not an active person, this town will turn you into one because it is impossible to not find something to do outdoors in Glen Haven. How can you resist going outside when you can take in the scenery while hiking to the Crosier Mountain via the Glen Haven Trail. Hiking is a big part of the culture in town and is something many of the locals do for pleasure.

If you don’t feel like walking on a trail you can get a guided horseback ride at the Glen Haven Stables. This doesn’t have to be just a normal trail ride, but can instead be a day’s ride into an overnight camp out in the woods. Everything around you is something to explore, you can visit a creek, go mountain climbing, or just watch the wildlife go about their daily lives. The great thing about living next to all of the surrounding nature is that you can explore so much for no cost.


Is Glen Haven right for me?

If you would rather spend your days watching nature rather than watching television, or exploring a hiking trail rather than exploring the internet then Glen Haven is the place for you. Glen Haven is a town where people are brought together through staying active and enjoying the simplicity of nature.

This is a town with history that shows. In Glen Haven it doesn’t matter what type of household you have, whether you are a growing family or a retiring couple, you can fit in easily here.


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