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What’s it Like to Live in Holyoke, CO?

Meet 8z Real Estate.  Here, we know the importance of finding the perfect home, as well as the difficulties that pop-up during the process. Finding a home can be one of the most important decisions you will ever make, which is why we created these guide pages to answer all of your questions and find out if this area is the perfect for you!

By Jeffrey Beall
By Jeffrey Beall

What’s it like to live in Holyoke?

Holyoke is a very community oriented town. Many of the businesses in the area are family-owned and have been in the community for decades. Split up into a large residential section and a small business section, Holyoke is a rural, blue collar community close to many metropolitan areas.

Those who live in Holyoke take a lot of pride in their town and work hard to keep the community thriving. The town calendar in Holyoke is plastered with events year-round, and when there isn’t an event booked, there’s probably a block party planned by residents.


What types of homes are in Holyoke?

Much like the community of Holyoke, the homes that fill the town are mostly single-family homes with a few apartments scattered in between. The architecture is a mixture of old style homes and more modern homes, and because of the importance of Holyoke’s agriculture industry, most homes are situated on fairly large plots of land.

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What’s unique about Holyoke?

Holyoke is such a special place because it is a community that truly represents the meaning of community. When you are here, you won’t find cold shoulders, large chain stores, and unfamiliar faces. What you will find is a helping hand, neighbors who are friends, and a thriving economy that relies on stores that have been here for ages, handed down generation after generation.

Holyoke isn’t a fast paced metropolitan area where everyone is always rushing here or there. Instead, it’s a laid-back suburb where residents always have time to at least say hello and where a friendly face is just around the corner. Regarded as a “City of Pride and Progress,” this is a town that continues to grow because of dedicated residents who care about where they live.


Where are the good schools in Holyoke?

Schools available to residents of Holyoke include:

The public elementary school in Holyoke is considered to be one of the area’s best schools, boasting test scores well above the state average, as well as a high level of parent involvement. With a motto of “R.I.S.E. to Excellence”, the teachers at Holyoke Elementary strive to teach children respect and responsibility, integrity and excellence, all while providing a safe environment where your children can learn.


first time fishing
By Dan Bergstrom

What are the best things to do in Holyoke?

Holyoke has some great places to spend a sunny day with the family, as well as a snowy day in winter. Just some of these include Holyoke’s indoor swimming pool, an 18-hole golf course, baseball fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, skate parks, fishing ponds, and a plethora of public parks. At Holyoke Heritage Park, you can find the perfect blend of history, culture, sports and recreation.


Is Holyoke right for me?

Holyoke is a great fit for families, couples and those who crave a community where everyone knows your name. It is a town where people notice when you go away and ask how you’re doing when they see you in the store.

A place where the home is truly where the heart is, Holyoke is a tight knit community that is only as strong as the people who live there. Most of the stores are owned, managed and staffed by residents, parents are highly involved in their children’s participation in school, and churches can be found around every corner.


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