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Thinking About Moving to Hudson?

Meet 8z Real Estate.  We are different than all other realtors, because we believe in making friends, not just making a sale. We don’t merely sell houses. We help you find a new home where the heart is.

By Brian Brooks
By Brian Brooks

What’s it like to live in Hudson?

Hudson is located in Weld County, one of 64 in Colorado, and is completely rural. Though set in the plains, Hudson is the highest point for miles around, giving views of the Colorado Rockies like no other. A short hop from Denver, Hudson affords the safety and security of a small town while offering the amenities of the big city close by. So whatever your mood is at any given moment – a sleepy Sunday morning, or an energetic Friday night, you always find whatever satisfies you in Hudson, Colorado.

The focus for the kids in Hudson is education, but not just in the classroom. At an early age, children are taught how to spread their wings and explore their surroundings. Also taught are all the positive ways to express themselves through artistic means.


What types of homes are in Hudson?

Single family homes and multi-family homes are easy to find here, from the humble settings close to the road to the grand layouts sprawling over many acres. Since the town was founded in the late 1800s and has been slowly growing ever since, you can choose from the traditional style home found in the West to the modern layout. Be sure to talk to us, so we can easily locate precisely what it is you wish.

One thing stands out, and that’s the scenery. Whether you are on a patio, porch or balcony, you are surrounded by beauty. Living in Hudson affords the small town feel, so you can know all your neighbors. But when you choose to be alone or just with your family, the views are spectacular and the neighborhood is peaceful.

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What’s unique about Hudson?

Hudson is truly a small town. With a low population level, it allows you to get to know your neighbors well enough to become family. You will live in peace here while having the choice of excitement close at hand. But because of its location, the things to do are endless. They range from hiking and camping to walking the streets of a big city downtown and everything in between.


Where are the good schools in Hudson?


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By Allison Bailey

What are the best things to do in Hudson?

Weld County supports the unique in many ways. For one, the Wild Animal Sanctuary takes the needs of the large predators before those of humans, so folks are able to view these majestic beasts in a natural environment. Though the sanctuary was founded over thirty years ago, the general public was invited in only in the past decade.

And then there is the Missile Site Park, which is just as it sounds! You can visit the Cold War Era and step into the past for a living history lesson. And of course, there is the offering from the city just a few miles down the road, Denver. So the list for entertainment, history and learning is limitless!


Is Hudson right for me?

Because of its unique setting and surroundings, Hudson is everything rolled into one. From the quiet and pensive to the exciting nightlife, Hudson offers it all to the residents here. And when you are looking for a home that encourages family activities, Hudson is just what you want. Not only can you keep your kids active in the parks and recreation areas, there are centers that are so fun you and the family will not even realize how much you have learned until you return home and talk about it.


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