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Thinking About Moving to Keenesburg?

Meet 8z Real Estate.  Our agents strive to give you accurate and useful information to help you get the home you deserve at a price you can afford. Looking for information that will make your home search simple and easy? We’ve connected thousands of potential clients to their perfect living space. Our Keenesburg guide gives a clear and current picture of the city.

By Michael Brumpton
By Michael Brumpton

What’s it like to live in Keenesburg?

Nestled in the northern Colorado county of Weld, Keenesburg is the ideal combination of idyllic scenery and family atmosphere. If I had to sum it up in a sentence, I’d say it’s an amenity-filled rural city within 40 minutes of Denver’s bustling metropolis.

Describing it in another phrase, I’d say Keenesburg is certainly a close-knit community. A fair share of small town perks exist, with citizens really pitching in to help one another through fundraisers and food drives. Centrally located Schey Park is the keystone of the town’s activities, hosting business expos, fairs and large flea market sales. Administrators in the town really strive to make their community happy and healthy through weekly activities, and are sensitive to their constituent’s concerns.


What types of homes are in Keenesburg?

Keenesburg is not unlike rural small towns located in metropolitan-adjacent areas. Like other high growth areas throughout the United States, a wide diversity of housing options are available. From entry level homes in the city to larger custom-built homes on sprawling acreage, Keenesburg has relocation options for every family. As is common in the rural Colorado landscape, ranch style houses are the norm with a few deviations.

The majority of offerings are newly constructed homes located in similarly-styled split-level subdivisions. The available properties tend to be on the higher end of the price range, simply because of the attached amount of pristine land. You’ll also notice a pattern in Keenesburg real estate: the town is perfect for animal lovers. Many properties feature irrigation, large horse barns, sheds and other extras that are in contrast to the extraordinarily modern offerings of the interior.

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What’s unique about Keenesburg?

Keenesburg began as a small railroad depot in 1906 named ‘Keene’, and businesses began to rise around that tiny cattle stop. After nearby Keene, Nebraska protested, the town name was changed to Keenesburg. Since most of the buildings on Main Street were built before the 1940s, Keenesburg still retains its rustic small town feel. For a town of 1,000, Keenesburg still boasts a state-of-the-art wildlife sanctuary with snow tigers and wild bison. With a bevy of inexpensive land, Keenesburg is perfect for hobby farms and horse lovers. Folks in Keenesburg like getting their hands dirty, let’s put it that way.


Where are the good schools in Keenesburg?

Both of the following schools are rated above average in Keenesburg, CO:

The town is served by Weld Central Junior and Weld Central High School, both in Keenesburg proper.


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By Michael Brumpton

What are the best things to do in Keenesburg?

Picture this: A safe and clean community in close proximity to universities and excellent scenery. You have it? That’s Keenesburg. The town is perfect for the outdoor adventurer or any family lifestyle. Hiking, bike riding and camping are some of the ample opportunities available. The Southeast Weld County Fair and Rodeo is the crown jewel of the town, and draws visitors from all over the state to the town.

Since Keenesburg is a quiescent bedroom community, many of the ample opportunities in Weld County are located in nearby county seat Greeley. Of course, the hub of the West — Denver — is only a short drive away. Coors Field, rock climbing, rock concerts and alehouses are just a short list of the great activities available for the young and single. Families will be busy with farmer’s markets, children’s movie dates, and frequent fairs.


Is Keenesburg right for me?

If the emotional picture of a beautiful and quiet town does not grab you immediately, then perhaps a few facts I have will surprise you. The statistics indicate Keenesburg has great homes at low prices, with younger residents that tend to commute to Denver. For those itinerant job seekers, other traits include a larger than average amount of jobs available in construction and mining trades.

Still have reservations? Check out the town yourself. With the close proximity to Denver International Airport, take the short drive down to Main Street and view all the stunning available properties and dazzling landscape. Those aren’t necessarily exaggerations, anyone visiting thinks the same. The neighbors are notoriously friendly and laid back, but still manage to be hard-working and family oriented. Chances are you’ll be welcomed with open arms.


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