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Thinking About Moving to Lakewood?

Meet 8z Real Estate.  Trying to get a handle on the complex process of buying a home today? 8z Real Estate is here to help. These city guides contain information necessary to help you learn about the different places that you might be thinking about living so that you can decide where to purchase a new home.

Lakewood, Colorado
By Adam Reeder

What’s it like to live in Lakewood?

Lakewood is a city on the rise. As the fifth-biggest city in the state of Colorado and the home to small businesses and corporations alike, Lakewood has seen a consistent increase in population since 2006. It is only minutes from both downtown Denver and the beautiful wilderness of the Rocky Mountains, making Lakewood an excellent location for people that are interested in both urban fun and the excitement of exploring Mother Nature.


What types of homes are in Lakewood?

As a diverse city in the state of Colorado, Lakewood itself also offers some very diverse homes for residents. People who are looking to buy in Lakewood will find all kinds of property options depending on where in the city they look. On the western side of Lakewood closer to the mountains, elevated homes with beautiful views and a cabin-style feel are very common. As you move east towards Denver, you can find some more traditional-suburban style homes as well as sophisticated apartments and condominiums.

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What’s unique about Lakewood?

One of the most unique elements of the city of Lakewood is its economy, which is diverse and ripe for opportunity. Lakewood is the home to major private corporations like Einstein Bros. Bagels and FirstBank Holding, but it is also home to a huge concentration of federal government activity: the Denver Federal Center, which is located in Lakewood, is a 670-acre federal government campus that employs about 8,000 people in Lakewood.

These elements, combined with the fact that 87% of Lakewood’s businesses have less than 20 people and its very close proximity to the major metropolis of Denver, make Lakewood a great place to find a job or create your own.


Where are the good schools in Lakewood?

Public school students in Lakewood attend Jefferson County Public Schools. There are some very highly-rated schools in and around Lakewood, such as:

There are plenty of opportunities for higher education around Lakewood as well. Those looking to obtain a two-year degree or that want to start on a transfer program can take courses at the Red Rocks Community College, located in Lakewood. There are also some major universities within driving distance of Lakewood including the University of Colorado at Denver and Metropolitan State University of Denver.


Christmas ice rink at Belmar
By Todd Carpenter

What are the best things to do in Lakewood?

What do you like to do? I would have trouble finding a type of activity that cannot be done around Lakewood. For the outdoorsy types, there is William Frederick Hayden Park, a 2,400 acre natural preserve with multi-use trails and peaks with beautiful views of the area.

A little farther to the west is the famous Red Rocks Park, which is home to beautiful sandstone formations and the Red Rocks Amphitheatre, where some of the titans of popular music like The Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, and Rush have all performed. If you prefer a more urban style of entertainment, the Belmar district in central Lakewood is the ideal place to go for a shopping trip, a quick bite to eat, or to check out the latest movie. Lakewood holds many things to do and see for people that are passionate about all types of fun experiences.


Is Lakewood right for me?

Are you drawn by the call of the wilderness, yet still want access to urban amenities enjoyed by those in metropolitan areas? Are you looking to live somewhere with a diverse, thriving economy supported by small companies and large corporations alike? Do you enjoy living somewhere with a friendly community and over 7,000 acres set aside for parks and open spaces for residents to enjoy? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, Lakewood may be the place for you.

Moving to Lakewood means joining a large city that is just as good for nature-loving adventurers as it is for city-dwelling socialites. It will be easy for you to find a place to fit in as a resident of Lakewood, Colorado.


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