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Thinking About Moving to Laporte?

Meet 8z Real Estate.  Finding a house is different from finding a home, and we know that. That’s why we work hard to make sure that wherever you are searching for real estate, you can find a place to call home. With an eye for what is most important to potential home buyers, we can provide you with all of the facts necessary to make an educated move. Check out what one of our local real estate agents had to say about the Laporte area:

Poudre River and mountains
By Charles Willgren

What’s it like to live in Laporte?

Living in Laporte is great for anyone who likes to get away from the hustle and bustle of a big city without losing complete touch with any of the modern conveniences of large shopping centers and other creature comforts. With its location near Fort Collins, the community affords its residents ample opportunities for nightlife and shopping within a short drive, while still keeping the small town feel.

Like many other cities in Colorado, Laporte is a haven for outdoor-loving active folk. Unlike the bigger metropolises though, the drive to the foothills is incredibly short. In fact, the Cache la Poudre River starts up in the Front Range, and comes out of the hills right near town. Local road cyclists are known to use the nearby Rist Canyon for a tough workout, and there are mountain biking, hiking, and horse trails within a half hour drive.


What types of homes are in Laporte?

When looking at the homes in Laporte, you won’t find just a single style of house that defines the town. Instead, what you will find are many dwellings that cater to all types of outdoor recreation. Whether it’s a large ranch-style home with a few acres perfect for grazing horses, or a smaller home with enough garage storage for both your cars and bikes, you can find it in Laporte.

And even though there’s many different styles of homes in Laporte, they are all within a few miles of mountain wilderness, as well as a few miles from urban commerce. Living in Laporte gives you the best of both worlds, high tech industry and rustic nature, all within a short drive from your front door.

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What’s unique about Laporte?

Aside from the uncommon juxtaposition of Laporte between a large urban vicinity and wide open country, Laporte grew up as an outdoor town, as it was the first white settlement in what is now Larimer County, as a haven for fur trappers and mountain men. Even the name implies a bit of wanderlust, as it means “the door” in French, as in the door to the mountains!


Where are the good schools in Laporte?

With the smaller size of Laporte, there are only a few choices for education at each grade level. That being said, there’s excellent opportunities for learning for students of all ages in Laporte. We like to think of the schools here as small but mighty!

In addition to the great public primary and secondary schools in the Laporte area, there’s also Colorado State University just down the road in Fort Collins. CSU offers a wide variety of majors including a veterinary school, and is an NCAA Division I school in the Mountain West Conference.


By mewd
By mewd

What are the best things to do in Laporte?

We think a better question to ask is, “What can’t I do around Laporte?” Perhaps you’d like to head out on a bike ride on the nearby mountain bike trails or canyon roads. Or maybe take a scenic hike through the wilderness just up the Cache la Poudre River. If you’d prefer to get further out in the Front Range, Estes Park is only an hour away, and you can find an abundance of wide open space to explore with the network of hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park.

RMNP also has the nearest 14er to Laporte, Longs Peak, which is arguably one of the most popular 14ers to climb in Colorado. Although the route is not for the inexperienced, there are many people who attempt the climb without having climbed more than a few class 3 peaks beforehand.


Is Laporte right for me?

If having great outdoor recreation right out your front and back door sounds like something you could get used to, Laporte is the right city for you. Despite the urban environment down the road, the community itself is fairly quiet and laid back, so you’ll need to be able to appreciate a life without constant motion or thriving nightlife. With the employment opportunities in high tech industries right down the road in neighboring Fort Collins, you won’t have to change your career path to truly enjoy where you live. Basically, if you’d rather be outside relaxing than inside on your computer, Laporte would be a perfect place for you.

If you think that Laporte fits your needs, it would be a great idea to start a discussion with a local real estate agent whenever you get a free moment. We can start looking at the various properties in the area and finding you the perfect home that matches your needs and lifestyle.


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