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Thinking About Moving to Lochbuie?

Meet 8z Real Estate.  There are countless factors and details to consider when you’re looking for a home in an unfamiliar area. Daunting as it may seem, it doesn’t have to be a difficult process. We’ve done the research for you and compiled the data, so that you may have an accurate picture of what living in Lochbuie is like.

By Peter Romero
By Peter Romero

What’s it like to live in Lochbuie?

Lochbuie, like most of Colorado, boasts an active environment. Many active individuals seek a place fraught with other fitness minded people, yet are put off by the high population density of popular cities like Boulder or Denver. Lochbuie’s population is a fraction of what Denver’s is, allowing you to enjoy the small town atmosphere while still being in an active environment. But what if you feel an urge from time to time to visit Denver? Not to worry, Denver lies only 30 minutes south of Lochbuie! With the small town environment comes greater camaraderie with your neighbors and greater involvement in local events.


What types of homes are in Lochbuie?

Being a small town, Lochbuie has gorgeous homes with ample land. Some may use the land for farming or gardening, while others simply enjoy sitting on their back porch admiring the acres with a cold beer in hand. If an isolated farm house isn’t really up your alley, you still have many great neighborhoods with friendly neighbors to choose from. Lochbuie is a relatively new city, clocking in at 40 years old. You probably won’t find an old Victorian home in Lochbuie, but you will find many attractive, new, and structurally sound houses. With over 60 acres of land available for development, you could even build your ideal home in Lochbuie. If you’re seeking a specific type of home, such as a house-barn, I recommend you talk to one of our agents who can assist you in narrowing down your home options.

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What’s unique about Lochbuie?

Since Lochbuie is a small and relatively new town, there are lots of opportunities for small business owners to find or form a niche. In fact, small businesses are a vital part of Lochbuie’s economy. It’s easy to become involved in the community as well. Lochbuie has many local events, from food banks to potlucks at the senior center to clubs for kids to become involved in. One of the many perks of living in a small town is being able to feel like you can truly impact your town.


Where are the good schools in Lochbuie?

Lochbuie has a great local elementary school. You really get a sense that your kid’s individual needs are being tailored to by the wonderful teachers in the small town atmosphere. For those who have a child interested in the arts and sciences, the Hudson Academy of Arts and Sciences is a great choice and only a 10 minute drive away. The Weld Central Middle and High schools offer many academic and athletic opportunities for children, from light-hearted drama clubs to challenging varsity sports. Check out the links below for more information on the schools. Once your kids are past grade school, they have many higher learning choices nearby, such as the University of Denver.


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By Max Elman

What are the best things to do in Lochbuie?

Just because Lochbuie is a small town doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to do. Lochbuie has 6 detailed and impressive parks to exercise in. Tennis enthusiasts will feel right at home knowing there are over 30 tennis courts. For those of us with kids, you can rest easy since the parks and recreation department hires over 200 youth every summer. Be sure to check the monthly newsletter for the many local events that take place on a weekly basis. Some days there will be a potluck, while other days you can participate in a local 5k and see how your fitness measures up. At only a 10 minute drive away, in the city of Brighton, you can find a dazzling lake to take a dip in or an exciting water park that anyone can enjoy. In that same city, you could also see a relaxing comedy or an intense tragedy at the local performing arts theater. If you really enjoy the performing arts, what’s to stop you from being a part of one of the plays someday?


Is Lochbuie right for me?

Are you looking for a small, community centered town with an active environment? Do you like the convenience of having a large city like Denver only 30 minutes away? Do you crave living in a place where you may have a say in local policies and where you can get to know your neighbors well? Then Lochbuie is the right city for you. Many of the citizens of Lochbuie share this mentality so you won’t feel out of place. Many citizens enjoy the proximity to Denver as well. Plus, I hear Denver has some really good locally brewed beers. It’s definitely worth checking out. After all, it’s only a short drive away.


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