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Thinking About Moving to Mead?

Meet 8z Real Estate.  Welcome to the neighborhood! At 8z Real Estate we are here to help you find the perfect place to call home. Our City Guides are written with you in mind, to answer your questions and give you the information you need to make an informed decision.

By James "Bo" Insogna
By James “Bo” Insogna

What’s it like to live in Mead?

Mead, Colorado is the ideal place or young professionals who are just starting out and thinking about raising a family. Located in northern Colorado, it is close enough to Denver that commuting is an easy option. Close enough to the big city for work, but far enough away that when you leave work for the day, you are able to leave the stress of your job behind you.

This close knit community has a structured school system that thrives in a community where everyone looks out for the well-being of their neighbor. Parents and children alike take great pride in being active members of their neighborhoods.


What types of homes are in Mead?

Homes in Mead, Colorado are built for family living. Multiple bedrooms and plenty of half and full baths are what can be found when touring the average home. Homes are designed to be lived in and are built to stand up to the Colorado weather. The look and feel of many of the homes in the area is one of conserved luxury. While each home serves its family’s needs well, it can double as the perfect venue for the seasonal party. No matter what size home you are looking for, there is one in Mead that will offer the perfect fit.

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What’s unique about Mead?

Mead is the perfect blend of city living and small town life. It has been used in movies like Die Hard II and referenced in the television series, “Bones” as the place where Bones’ mother first found her silver dolphin pendant. The residents of Mead benefit from able to work in Denver and live in a smaller, cohesive yet very diverse community. It is known for its shops and stores that are reminiscent of days gone by, but also has plenty of other opportunities for people who like the larger shopping centers. It is one of many towns in the area that take pride in home town values and helping their neighbors when they need it.


Where are the good schools in Mead?

Schools in Mead, Colorado have received mixed reviews with the majority of them being extremely positive. As with any school district, there will always be a few parents who do not like or have negative feelings towards their centers of education. For Mead, the tide tends to hold on the side of good and most parents whole-heartedly support their school system and its faculty.


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What are the best things to do in Mead?

Mead is within close proximity to Denver. Avid sports fans can enjoy a Denver Broncos football game or a Nuggets basketball game. For those who are more inclined to visit places with educational potential, the Longmont Museum and Cultural Center offers a taste of the past. Both children and adults will enjoy the time they spend discovering the rich history of the Colorado mountains and the many cities and towns that grew out of the small mining camps.

For people who like the arts, there are several theatres located in Longmont and other communities in the vicinity. Whether you want to enjoy yourself at Jester’s Dinner Theatre, or are more interested in art and design displays that can be found at Arts 4 Architecture Inc, there is always something interesting going on in and around Mead. With its close proximity to Denver, Mead residents can work there as well as find interesting things to do that will please the entire family.


Is Mead right for me?

Mead is not for everyone. It is perfect, however, for people who like to explore the past, but live and thrive in the comforts we have today. Up and coming professionals who want are dedicated to building a career can do so while maintaining a strong connection to family style living. It is also an ideal community for individuals who just need a change. Maybe your children are finally off to college or are recently divorced, either way Mead is full of opportunities. If you love the fast pace of the big city, but prefer to live in a smaller, more relaxed neighborhood, Mead can give you exactly the type of middle ground you are looking for.


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