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Thinking About Moving to Milliken?

Meet 8z Real Estate.  From vibrant cities to cozy communities, Colorado’s diversity in jobs, experiences, and lifestyles has lured new families from all over the country looking for opportunities in the Centennial State. Whether you’re a Colorado native or coming to live in the state for the first time, we know how complicated finding the best place to live might seem. We’ve created these in-depth guides to show you all the great features of towns in Colorado and to help make your relocation easier.

Milliken CO Real Estate

What’s it like to live in Milliken?

A friendly, cozy community, Milliken offers a beautifully rural Colorado setting that’s not too far removed from all the modern niceties of large towns. With more stop signs than street lights, Milliken feels peaceful with its small population and yet grand with its expansive Colorado skies and star-filled nights.

In its earliest years, Milliken was just a tiny stop on the railroad line, but development and opportunity led to growth and construction in the 1990s. Milliken is one of those classic American communities where everyone gets together for town events like the yearly Easter egg hunt, a holiday light festival, and an annual “Beef & Bean Day” that’s been celebrated since the 1970s with a parade, fireworks, and barbecue.


What types of homes are in Milliken?

The first settlers in Milliken arrived in the 1860s, so the town has a long history of settlement and development with several established neighborhoods. The community has also seen recent construction of spacious new homes. There’s nothing better than walking over the threshold of a brand new house where you’re the first family to create memories in the home.

Many new homes in Milliken are the perfect size for a new or growing family with sizes over 2,000 square feet, multiple bathrooms, and beautifully spacious lawns that are perfect for catch and Frisbee. The town also offers some homes that fit squarely into the luxury category and are a perfect merging of a rustic Colorado view and a modern, spacious residence.

The open spaces in and around Milliken also offer families the opportunity to build a home from the “ground up” on an open lot in existing and new neighborhoods. Whether you’re looking to invest in real estate with the construction of a new home or are trying to find a thriving little town in which to settle, I believe Milliken might just have the ideal home for you.

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What’s unique about Milliken?

Milliken’s charm is in its pleasant size, but the unique thing about the town is that residents take care of their homes, businesses, and establishments. The town’s been a fixture in Colorado for about 150 years, but its streets feel new and clean, and many of the buildings feel up-to-date and modern.

You’ll notice that the town’s cozy center also features some historic buildings that I think look like they were plucked out of a movie about the Old West. Milliken features the perfect mix of history and modernity, and its new homes are evidence of recent growth and interest in one of Colorado’s best tiny towns.


Where are the good schools in Milliken?

With just a few thousand residents, Milliken’s students attend classes at a few schools within the town’s city limits, as well as in neighboring communities like Johnstown, which is a quick seven minute drive to the west of Milliken’s town center. After graduating from high school, students also have many close options for study at lauded institutions like the University of Denver and United States Air Force Academy.


Milliken CO Things to Do
by Eioua

What are the best things to do in Milliken?

Milliken feels cozy and rural in many respects, but it’s also just a few miles from major Colorado roads like Interstate 25 to the west and 85 to the east. The large towns of Greeley and Loveland sit just a few minutes down the road, which means shopping and cultural attractions are always close.

As is not surprising for a town in Colorado, you’re also close to some of the most magnificent sights in the entire country with Estes Park and the gateway to the Rockies just an hour away along route 34. You’re also just an hour away from Denver, which offers metropolitan activities like major league sports venues, theater, and other urban activities.

When you’re not itching to hit the road, you may also choose to spend an afternoon with friends and family during one of the town’s amazingly friendly holiday gatherings. The small population of Milliken is terrific for making friends, and you’ll love knowing the first names of all the people on your block.


Is Milliken right for me?

You’ll see American flags waving on porches, peaceful tree-lined streets, and people who know their neighbors and consider them lifelong friends. If you dream of getting away from the hustle and bustle of a place like Denver and settling in a town that’s as cozy as it is lively, you’ll want to explore everything Milliken has to offer your family. Connect with a local real estate agent to tour some homes and visit the town to experience the charm of this Colorado community.


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