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Thinking About Moving to Nederland?

Meet 8z Real Estate.  Those of us here at 8z understand how difficult it can be to move to a new area. We’ve created these guide pages to help ease some of your concerns. Just keep reading to find out if Nederland, CO sounds like the right place for you.

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What’s it like to live in Nederland?

Many people are wary of living in a small town because they feel like they will be too far from the shopping and culture offered in bigger cities. However, Nederland offers a rich and enticing culture based on its mining history. Nederland is also home to many artisans who contribute to the activities in the area.

Located in the Rocky Mountains, this idyllic town it about 40 miles west of Boulder, CO. It will offer you a slower-paced way of life that you will really come to love. It is important to slow down once and a while to just enjoy your family and to take time for whatever hobbies you enjoy.


What types of homes are in Nederland?

Most of the homes in Nederland are built to help you feel perfectly cozy in the mountains. They are either built to appear like cabins or they are built in a beautiful ranch style. The lush green foliage all around the houses will make you feel very isolated and relaxed, but you are actually in a typical neighborhood. The homes in Nederland are designed to help you feel comfortable all throughout the cold winters. They offer large living spaces and large bedrooms for the days that you might be stuck indoors. Many of the homes also offer wood-burning stoves. There is nothing quite as relaxing as curling up next to the warm fire after a cold day of playing in the snow.

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What’s unique about Nederland?

As I mentioned before, Nederland has a history in mining. Every July you can take part in the Miner’s Days celebration. This is a free, family-friendly celebration that will offer history and great activities for everyone. The amazing culture in this area continues with an art festival that takes place every year in June. The High Peaks Art Festival offers classes for all age groups. It doesn’t just celebrate one type of art either. There are art shows, music programs and even food provided by all the local restaurants. This is an event not to be missed.

Now, if you want something really unique to Nederland, then you will not want to miss The Frozen Dead Guy Days that take place in March every year. A man named Grandpa Bredo Morstoel has been cryogenically frozen and is being cared for on a piece of private property in town. This weekend-long party has people coming from miles around to enjoy the biggest and best party of the winter. This unforgettable weekend was even mentioned in 2010 on the New York Times list for the Top 10 Best Parties of the Winter. No matter what your age is, you will love it!


Where are the good schools in Nederland?

There are private and public schools for you to check out so that you can be the judge of what is best for your child’s needs. No matter which school you choose, you will be very impressed with the teachers and with the level of care that your child will receive. In a smaller school your child will not be over-looked or lost in the shuffle like what can happen in bigger schools.


Beautiful Downtown Nederland, Colorado
By J. Stephen Conn

What are the best things to do in Nederland?

No matter what your interests are, you can find a great way to spend your time. Just taking the time to stroll down Main Street in downtown Nederland can be so enjoyable. There are some very unique stores that you can spend hours in as you poke around and discover fun items. If shopping is what you enjoy there is even the Holiday Mountain Market that is held on the first weekend of every December. Artisans and craft makers spend all year preparing to sell their items at the market. You will be able to buy holiday gifts for everyone you know. Or just purchase beautiful items for your home.

Being up so high in elevation means it can get very cold, but the outdoor activities that are offered will out-rival any of the surrounding cities. The Eldora Mountain Ski Resort is just minutes outside of town. There is also an Olympic-sized skating rink right in town that everyone can enjoy.

If you have the time for a wholesome meal then you will not be disappointed in the wide variety of restaurants and pubs located in downtown Nederland. If you are looking for the perfect end to your date night or family night, then go to Buffalo Bill’s Train Cars. You can get ice cream or hot cocoa. In the summer you can even go there to watch movies under the stars.

Of course, the beautiful outdoor parks, creeks and reservoirs offer endless outdoor possibilities. You can walk and hike along the beautiful trails. You can spend endless time locating the perfect fishing spot, if that is a sport that you enjoy.


Is Nederland right for me?

In short- yes! This beautiful city has everything to offer for someone who is looking for a slower pace of life while they still get to enjoy fun activities and great cultural opportunities. You will spend your days laughing and relaxing with your family as you enjoy a healthier and stress-free lifestyle. Don’t wait if you have the chance to move up to Nederland. Jump on the opportunity and begin to really enjoy your life.


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