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Thinking About Moving to Pierce?

Meet 8z Real Estate.  Pierce, CO is a nice place to live, no matter if you are here on a temporary basis (due to work for example), or if you are looking for a more permanent basis. Much like any city however, it is going to have hurdles to overcome before you become acclimated to your new home. As such, I have made this guide to help prepare you for whatever may come and help you settle in to your to-be home.

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By Jeff Ruane

What’s it like to live in Pierce?

Living in Pierce carries a fair number of advantages. The small population size creates a friendly atmosphere, which will help to make you feel more comfortable about your new home. Unlike the excited and constant pace of a bigger city in Colorado like Denver, Pierce’s pace and lifestyle is generally more relaxed and easy-going, which is perfect if you enjoy taking your life slow and safe. The town also has a volunteer fire department, allowing you the protection of a fire department as well as the ability to volunteer yourself if you like.


What types of homes are in Pierce?

Pierce’s neighborhoods are often characterized by a beautiful aesthetic, caused by the high quality of the houses and the maintenance to its greenery. Due to its small town style, you can expect to find a neighborhood of people who know and interact with each other, which is perfect if you enjoy a social lifestyle and making new friends. A lot of the houses that you can expect to find are ranch-style houses.

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What’s unique about Pierce?

While some may dismiss Pierce for its size, others argue that its small town feel that makes it truly unique. The town has a park within easy access, as well as a tavern for you to go out and socialize with your friends. Not only does it help you “get away from it all”, but whenever you feel like going somewhere, it is only a quick hop, skip, and a jump to visit a bigger city – allowing you to have your cake and eat it too.


Where are the good schools in Pierce?

Here are some of the best rated schools in the area:


By Sascha Brück
By Sascha Brück

What are the best things to do in Pierce?

You have good options for your shopping needs, including Longs Peak Dairy, Plains Market, Double J Meat Packing Inc, and Schroeder Tire. Beyond its convenient shopping options, Main Street and other parts of Pierce are an inviting place for you to relax.

Colorado is also rich in landmarks throughout the state. One great example of Colorado’s landmarks are the recurring red rock formations that tourists and residents alike can visit and enjoy. You can also visit the more well-known Rocky Mountains. It is difficult to grow tired of something so beautiful and majestic.


Is Pierce right for me?

If you feel that the above details are what you seek, then I can only give a resounding “yes.” It’s a great small town experience, offering the peace and serenity you would expect. Not just peace and serenity of course – you can also look forward to a bevy of social events and fun in your new home. Whatever you need that may not be found in city limits can easily be obtained with a short drive out of town. With this in mind, you are sure to have a great time once you’re all settled in.


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