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Thinking About Moving to Severance?

Meet 8z Real Estate.  Here at 8Z Real Estate, we know how tough it can be to decide where to live. We hope to make things a little easier for you with this city guide. Read on to find out whether Severance is right for you.

By Bryce Bradford

What’s it like to live in Severance?

Like time has stood still. Agriculture has traditionally been the lifeblood of Severance, and continues to be today, despite its recent growth. You’ll find the town center lined with small businesses, many of which have been operated by the same family for several generations. On the outskirts, you’ll find nothing but open farmland that leaves an unhindered view of the nearby mountains. If you’re interested in self-sufficiency, Severance is the place-if you can’t grow it or make it, your neighbors can, and will be happy to trade goods with you.


What types of homes are in Severance?

Many of the homes in Severance are traditional farmhouses that sit on several acres of land that are just waiting for you to work it. Imagine your own homestead complete with red wooden barns and lofty silos ready to welcome you into an independent lifestyle where you thrive on growing your own crops and tending dairy and other farm animals.

If you like self-sufficiency, but only up to a point, you may want to look at homes in some of the newer subdivisions in Severance. Here, everything from Colonial style homes to modular houses on solid foundations with attached garages are waiting for you. The lots are still big enough for a large garden and a few chickens, but not so enormous that tending your homestead will be too overwhelming. One of these homes might be a better choice if you intend to commute from Severance and don’t plan to make farming your full-time occupation.

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What’s unique about Severance?

Severance is perhaps best known for Bruce’s Bar, an establishment that’s been a town icon since the 1950s. Bruce’s is a legend in the area for its Rocky Mountain Oysters, which are actually deep fried bull testicles. Over the years, Bruce’s has become a popular gathering spot for bikers, and eventually inspired the annual Nut Run, which takes place here every fall. The Nut Run draws thousands of bikers in from as far away as Cheyenne, Wyoming, which is something the locals take great pride in. Bruce’s is actually a popular gathering spot any time of the year, and it’s where townspeople get together to share stories or relax after a hard day of work.


Where are the good schools in Severance?

Despite having fewer than 600 people, Severance still has its own elementary school, but for middle and high school, kids go about eight miles down the road to Windsor. As you can imagine, kids in elementary grades get plenty of personal attention from their teachers due to the low student population, and that doesn’t stop in middle and high school just because they go to Windsor. One of the things people say about the middle and high school there is that teachers take a personal interest in their students and treat them like family. The public schools in Severance and Windsor are:


Rock you like a hurricane
By Andrea

What are the best things to do in Severance?

You don’t have to wait for the Nut Run to enjoy a motorcycle ride. The wide open roads surrounding Severance are perfect for riding motorcycles in during spring, summer and fall. It’s also an ideal place to go horseback riding, hiking, or mountain biking as well. Yes, it is in Colorado, which means you’ll have lots of snow to contend with. The folks here don’t let that get them down, but instead they take advantage of being “snowed in” to go sledding, snowshoeing and cross country skiing. Severance is known for being “where the geese fly and the bulls cry”, so count on spending some time bird watching or hunting waterfowl as well.


Is Severance right for me?

If you have a rugged spirit and a sense of adventure, Severance is definitely the right place for you. Getting back to nature and a simpler way of life certainly has its advantages, but don’t ask anyone who’s lived here a long time, since they have no idea what the stress of city life is like. Even if you don’t want to give up your day job, you can still benefit from breathing the clean crisp air and feeling the cool mountain breezes in Severance, since it’s only a hop, skip and a jump to bigger towns such as Windsor or Fort Collins to work every day.

The people of Severance are living proof that escaping the rat race is entirely possible, and that life in a small town doesn’t have to mean living without amenities. In Severance, you’re far enough away to enjoy privacy and nature, but will never feel isolated because you are surrounded by helpful, caring neighbors.


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