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What’s it Like to Live in Sheridan, CO?

Meet 8z Real Estate.  We pride ourselves in knowing the real estate that we represent. When a property is listed, 8z agents have a grasp on the area, the people, and the pulse of the community. House hunting is a major undertaking and we take seriously our commitment to finding the best location for you. Whether you’re in the market for yourself or have a family home in mind, we can give you the info needed to decide if Sheridan, Colorado is the right location for you.

Mt. Scott's Boy and Mt. Sheridan, Wichita Mountains, Oklahoma
By Jonathan C. Wheeler

What’s it like to live in Sheridan?

You already know about the beautiful Colorado scenery and the breathtaking views of Sheridan. The beautiful Mt. Sheridan can be seen from almost any angle. Here, you will find a cozy community with everything needed close at hand. Sheridan offers a little bit of something for everyone. Vietnamese, Mexican, Asian, Italian, and American restaurants are just minutes away. You’ll love the spa retreat in the Englewood community, and gyms located nearby.


What types of homes are in Sheridan?

We discovered homes with square footage of six-hundred square feet to almost four-thousand. Sheridan’s diverse architectural styles will offer you a great selection of condos and single family homes. You’ll find condo multi-unit buildings to spacious ranch style homes with brick facades. These homes have the extra space to accommodate camping equipment for long hikes in the mountains, and ski equipment for winter fun.

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What’s unique about Sheridan?

Sheridan offers a unique sense of community. An annual event held the fourth Saturday in September celebrates this community and its history. Everyone participates including the mayor and other officials. The festival features family friendly activities scheduled for an entire day. Sheridan is also the location of the Fort Logan Mental Health Facility, which was the former Fort Logan military post of the civil war.


Where are the good schools in Sheridan?

Your children will experience great educational opportunities in Sheridan’s school district. School levels are from pre-school through twelfth grades. Sheridan has public, charter, and private schools, each with their own strengths. Please let your local agent know the strengths that are important to you. Since Sheridan is located near Denver, if perchance a very specialized curriculum is needed our agent can make additional suggestions. We’ve listed several schools that we feel are a great representation of what Sheridan has to offer.


Freeride MTB
By Ventura Mendoza

What are the best things to do in Sheridan?

Folks in Sheridan have great things to say about the Longshot Lounge. Its claim to fame is that patrons feel like they’re part of a big family, and it’s also the number one spot for playing darts. And it’s a game taken quite seriously because Longshot is a frequent host of dart tournaments in the area. If you are looking for a sports bar, Bout Time Pub & Grill at River Point is a popular stop.

Nightlife isn’t the only pastime in Sheridan. Its parks, bike routes, and walking trails are favorite activities. So make sure you get that mountain bike ready, pack a picnic lunch, and make it a day trip.


Is Sheridan right for me?

Living in Sheridan offers a sense of community and family. It gives you a small town vibe but is right near several metropolitan areas. If you want the excitement of a larger city for certain events you can have it by setting your feet just outside the boarders of Sheridan. But the good thing is, that you can return to the comfy, peaceful neighborhood that you desire most of the time. If looking for work, the job market extends into nearby by communities offering a nice variety of opportunities.

Sound like a place you’d like to call home? Let one of our agents find help you with your search.


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