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What’s it Like to Live in Watkins, CO?

Meet 8z Real Estate.  We understand how frustrating the moving process can be.  When trying to find the perfect home,  location is just as important as researching about your prospective new house.  With the convenience of online accessibility, we wanted to give you the advantage of having every possible real estate listing within your desired area while also finding out why your chosen area would be perfect for you to call home.

Via The U.S. National Archives
Via The U.S. National Archives

What’s it like to live in Watkins?

Watkins is a rural community that has recently been ranked third as one of the Most Playful Cities in America.  With the many activity options available, such as hiking, white water rafting, kayaking, shopping in the near-by city of Denver or skiing at the various ski resorts in the area, it’s hard to say that you are bored if calling Watkins, Colorado home.  We can say this: Watkins, CO is a calming and down to earth place to live for those of you looking to escape city life while still being down the road from a big city.


What types of homes are in Watkins?

Whether your preferred style of house is country, modern, big or small, as long as you do your research on line or in person with one of our real estate agents, you are going to find exactly what you are looking for.  Watkins offers various choices such as a fairly large log home on 40 plus acres as well as a house built in the 1940s with a little over 2 acres of land that comes with it.  Watkins is wide open in space and we prefer to have our houses far apart in order to let us better soak up the vast views of sunflower fields and crop dusters doing their morning routines.

The community parks here are amazing for families to run and play together during the weekends or when you get home from work in the evening until it’s dinner time.  With such inviting parks, the awesome scenery of the Rocky Mountains and enough outdoor activity choices to overwhelm even the most experienced and enthusiastic outdoor sportsman, Watkins, Colorado brings the best of living in a rural community as well as living close to the city.

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What’s unique about Watkins?

When I think about what is so special about Watkins, the first thing that comes to mind is the quaintness.  Did you know that Watkins isn’t even a town.  It is a designated place for census purposes.  The people here voted back in 2006 to repeal the decision that made Watkins an official township.  The residents here have the best of both worlds while being small enough to be quiet, yet close enough to the city to have some serious fun.  Whoever calls themselves “outdoorsy” will also find something to do without breaking the bank in gas money.

The Fifth Battalion, 19th Special Forces Group (Airborne) is branched from the Colorado National Guard and is based, here, in Watkins, Colorado.  Watkins, even though small, also has its very own airport: Front Range Airport.  This airport’s charter bus can connect small plane passengers to their Denver International flights in just minutes.


Where are the good schools in Watkins?

One thing about living so close to the city is that you have a lot of schools to choose from.  Kids who live in Watkins and ride the bus are automatically transported to Bennett School District schools; You can choose schools nearer to Denver if not in the city itself.  These are some choices for you:


Via The U.S. National Archives
Via The U.S. National Archives

What are the best things to do in Watkins?

Denver offers a guide service called Renaissance Adventure Guides.  Whether you are interested in learning about kayaking around the area or wish to do some skiing, having Renaissance Adventure Guides around to teach you the ropes of Colorado’s great outdoors will give you a head start on truly enjoying what the Watkins, Colorado area has to offer.

If skiing is at the top of your to-do priority list, then Eldora Mountain Resort is the place to go.  Along with being ski-friendly with the highest peak at 10,800 feet, you can also snowboard, go cross-country skiing and snowshoes are completely welcome on their slopes.  Eldora Mountain Resort is approximately 47 miles from Denver, but the action there is well worth the drive.


Is Watkins right for me?

What is the reason why you wanted to move here in the first place? Is it because of the beautiful scenery, the endless activities to choose from or the friendly, mid-western atmosphere?  If everything that I mentioned belongs in the “This is why!” category and you have nothing to show for in the con category of your list, then Watkins is for you!  With the many jobs to choose from out of Denver and surrounding areas, you will be sure to have plenty of resources to satisfy your need for adventure and relaxation in the area.

If Watkins sounds like it could very well be the next place for you to call home, contact a real estate agent as soon as you get the time.  Talk to them about your goals that you wish to accomplish out of this move.  We will be more than happy to listen to you and we will ask you questions to better get a specific feel as to what type of home you are looking for within the Watkins, Colorado area.  Our agents are ready and willing to serve you so that you can find the home of your dreams.


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