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What’s it Like to Live in Weldona, CO?

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Front Porch Swing
By Richard Elzey

What’s it like to live in Weldona?

When you live in Weldona, you feel free from all the chaos that is in the world. When you live in Weldona, you wake up to beautiful sunrises, see farmland as far as the eye can see, and watch the sunset from your front porch swing. At night, you can lay down on the grass with your family and stargaze. On your lazy Saturdays, you can relax on your front porch, breathe in the fresh country air, and take in the beauty of the countryside. You might even see a jack rabbit or two, hopping in your yard during the summer months.

Everyone in town is one big happy family. Most of the businesses in Weldona consist of “Mom and Pop” shops and farmers. The lifestyle in Weldona is very relaxed and low key. Unlike the city, the country life is all about working hard, relaxing, and taking in the beauty of the countryside. When you are new to Weldona, your neighbors will welcome you with open arms. They will tell you all about the town, introduce you to everyone, and even bring you some food!


What types of homes are in Weldona?

If you are looking for a farm or ranch property, Weldona is the perfect place for you. The majority of properties here in Weldona consist of farm and ranch homes. There are also a few trailer complexes that have beautiful mobile homes for those interested in purchasing a mobile home. If you are looking to live out on farmland, there are beautiful homes available to own. If you are looking to live on the lake, there are picturesque homes right on Jackson Lake.

The homes in Weldona reflect the quaint, country lifestyle that our residents live by. With these properties, you get a sense of community and you get to take in amazing views of the countryside. Weldona is all about community and countryside. If you are looking to live a more simple life, looking for a quieter lifestyle, or just looking to connect with nature, these properties alone can help you achieve that.

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What’s unique about Weldona?

As mentioned before, the shops in Weldona are all “Mom and Pop” shops. They are all family owned and operated. There are also many farms in the area, some of which do sell their milk, eggs, and meat to local stores for residents to purchase. The owners of these shops establish great relationships with their neighbors, customers, and often get recognized in the paper for their exemplary customer service. It goes along with the territory of being a community and treating one another like family.


Where are the good schools in Weldona?

The Weldona school system is not only very good, but the elementary, junior high, and high school take place in the same building! The school system has one of the highest graduation percentages in the state of Colorado.


By Martin Pettitt
By Martin Pettitt

What are the best things to do in Weldona?

As soon as you move here, the first place you should take your family is to Jackson Lake State Park. This park was voted one of the “Top 15 Best Park Beaches,” by Reserve America. This park is absolutely beautiful! It is a go-to place for swimmers, water skiers, and boaters. If you like to fish, bring the kids along and catch some fish for dinner!

If you and your loved ones enjoy bird-watching, Jackson Lake State Park is a part of the “central flyway,” which means that migratory birds can be seen from this park. This park is also ideal for hunters as well. With the rich wildlife and the migratory birds, this is the perfect destination for a father and son to have a “man’s day out.”

If you wanted to do something fun with the whole family, bring the family down and participate in a game called “Geo-caching.” Geo-caching is a hide-and-seek treasure hunt, which uses a great deal of the wooded area. Jackson Lake State Park has two caches: “5 O’clock Somewhere,” and “Centennial.” The park also offers horseback riding, for those interested in learning how to ride.


Is Weldona right for me?

Life these days is always about noise and technology. Wouldn’t it be great to live in an area where you could sit down with your neighbor face-to-face and discuss current events? Wouldn’t it be great to raise children with the knowledge of country living? Wouldn’t it be great to see their heads not buried in a cell phone or game system? Moving to Weldona can provide a wide variety of activities for your children, it can help you relax, and it can also help you grow closer as a family. The community of Weldona is waiting to welcome you with open arms.


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