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Thinking About Moving to Wellington?

Meet 8z Real Estate.  We know that moving is intimidating, challenging, stressful, and generally a pain. To take some of the sting out of the process, we put together this quick guide to show you a little bit about living in Wellington. It’s hard to really get to know a place until you live there, but we’ve done our best to give you a bit of background and some insider info, so you can be sure Wellington really is the perfect place for you.

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What’s it like to live in Wellington?

As the ‘Gateway to the North,’ living in Wellington is a lot like living on a bridge. A lot of people pass through heading south to Fort Collins or north to Wyoming. When you call Wellington home, you get to enjoy easy access to both Colorado and Wyoming and all the jobs available in several urban centers, including Boulder, Cheyenne, Fort Collins, Laramie, and more. Moving here gives you lots of choices for jobs and the peace and quiet of living in a small town,


What types of homes are in Wellington?

Three bedrooms and two bathrooms are the most common layouts available in Wellington, and many homes are ranchers. Of course, there are both larger and smaller homes available; those are just the most common. If you want something out of the ordinary, talk with one of our agents. They can weed out all the standard listings and let you see the more unique options. There are some properties with a second level and basements are fairly common. A garage is another standard amenity you will see a lot of in Wellington. Just be sure to tell our agent how many cars you need to fit, as not all houses come with two or three car options.

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What’s unique about Wellington?

Unlike many rural areas, Wellington has a complete range of health services, including dental and vision. Another feature unique to Wellington is the weather. Just a few miles north in Wyoming, the roads become treacherous for several months each year. In Wellington, even during the worst winter months, the weather is typically a bit warmer and the roads stay clearer. Community sports are a year-round activity, and never fail to bring out the crowds. There is everything from soccer to dodgeball for all ages. Adult dodgeball leagues don’t show up in every town, so if you are interested in working out some aggression in a safe and healthy way, Wellington has you covered.


Where are the good schools in Wellington?

Most Wellington schools perform solidly at the top of the curve, but there are a few exceptions. When looking for public school options, be aware that there are top rated elementary and middle school options, but for high school kids will need to look in Fort Collins and other surrounding areas. Several charter schools also offer alternatives to traditional curricula, so if you want options, Wellington has a lot to offer. Start off with the local public schools and you can’t go wrong.


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What are the best things to do in Wellington?

Biking back and forth to work is not uncommon in Wellington. In fact, some hardy souls hit the trails in all weather, all year long. If you like the idea of reducing your carbon footprint and staying in shape from the seat of a bike, Wellington has you covered. Enjoy adult volleyball and dodge ball during the season, along with a full range of youth sports for the kids. Kayaking down the Cache la Poudre is always fun during the spring and summer, and grabbing a brew after the Budweiser Brewery Tour is a great way to while away an afternoon. Car enthusiasts will love the July 4th celebration that includes an antique car show every year. Winter sports of every description are an activity of choice for residents during the snowy months.


Is Wellington right for me?

Small town living at its finest is probably the best way to think about Wellington. It’s not too big and not too small. It’s just right. Easy access to shopping, wining and dining, bars, parks, and more, make this canyon community a great place to find work, raise a family or just enjoy a little bit of space. To find out more about what’s available in Wellington, get with one of our agents. They can discuss your needs and help you find a home that checks off all your boxes.


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