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Thinking About Moving to Wheat Ridge?

Meet 8z Real Estate.  Since home is where the heart is, it’s extremely important you find a comfortable place to live based on the needs of your family. As a result, we have created the following pages to give you a little more insight about the ideal city of Wheat Ridge, Colorado. After you read the following information, you will have a better feel about the inherent benefits nestled in Wheat Ridge.

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By Paul Swansen

What’s it like to live in Wheat Ridge?

Wheat Ridge offers a small town feel with all of the amenities of a Denver, which is only 9 miles east. In contrast to the city’s youth, it has deep roots which stretch back to the 1840s when the area was home to several farmers and miners. As a result, the city has strong agricultural ties. For the most part, Wheat Ridge is a residential city laden with a plethora of retail shopping centers. In addition to a rich history, the city hosts several cultural pockets, such as old theater districts to Hispanic centers.

Wheat Ridge is nestled in the curve of I-70 as the road continues westbound into the mountains. As a result, the city offers a majestic vantage point to the mountains and several outdoor activities. The city has more than 20 parks, several equestrian trails, and even more public spaces. This community is a nature lover’s paradise with the Wheat Ridge Greenbelt trail system. In addition, Wheat Ridge is home to several campgrounds and RV parks. Simply put, whether you are looking to work or play, Wheat Ridge is the ideal bustling city for you to consider.


What types of homes are in Wheat Ridge?

Wheat Ridge provides an ideal setting for gorgeous modern and mid-century architecture. You’ll commonly find large spanning windows, which are conducive for the scenic wide open spaces and view of the nearby mountains. At the same time, you will commonly find neatly manicured lawns with luscious green grass, back yards featuring swing sets, and garages equipped for housing ski equipment and bikes. All of these facets are integral to the nature loving outdoor lifestyle, which includes activities such as hiking, walking, bird watching, skiing, and several others. Wheat Ridge also features several ranch style homes with modern features, such as spacious kitchens and naturally illuminated rooms.

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What’s unique about Wheat Ridge?

Simply put, almost everything is unique about this residential community. As a cultural melting spot, Wheat Ridge offers an authentic experience spanning from Hispanic centers to antique districts. On 44th Avenue, you can enjoy several consignment stores, strings of antique shops, and a co-op antique mall.


Where are the good schools in Wheat Ridge?

In addition to the other attractive facets of Wheat Ridge, you will find a host impressive schools. The city of Wheat Ridge hosts a total of 11 different schools. The following list of schools features some of the best and brightest schools in our area.

In addition, the area plays host to several institutions of higher learning, including:


By Kent Kanouse
By Kent Kanouse

What are the best things to do in Wheat Ridge?

Wheat Ridge is a residential community with seemingly something for everyone to do. If you are interested in natural sightseeing, the city of Wheat Ridge caters specifically to your tastes by maintaining four different lakes, 20 developed parks, and an expansive 250-acre conservation and greenbelt area. In this greenbelt area, you can embark on the 6.5-mile trek or jog that passes the breathtaking Clear Creek.


Is Wheat Ridge right for me?

Wheat Ridge is bustling community located on the western edge of Denver that allows you to work and play. While you are home, you can enjoy gorgeous natural landscapes and loads of outdoor activities. Best of all, Wheat Ridge is only a short drive or approximately 10 miles from Denver, which has been rated by Forbes as the fourth best city to find a job. Considering the outstanding schools, job opportunities, and array of entertainment, Wheat Ridge is one of the most ideal places to reside in the U.S.


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