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What’s it Like to Live in Wiggins, CO?

Meet 8z Real Estate.  Are you new in town? Is it your first time buying real estate? If you’ve been browsing Colorado homes without much luck, we’re here to help. With our in-depth knowledge of the local landscape, we can get you on the right track. Check out our local guide to Wiggins and see if it’s a place where you’d want to live.

By Bryce Bradford

What’s it like to live in Wiggins?

Life in Wiggins is peaceful and full of vintage Western charm. It’s almost like something out of a movie. The community is a close one and, thanks to all of the community events, it’s easy to get to know just about everyone in town.

In this all-American small town, locals have unbridled access to two of America’s most famous nature-scapes, the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains. They can hike, bike, fish, boat, hunt, camp, and mountain climb to their hearts’ content. Horseback riding is also a popular activity. In short, Wiggins residents love the great outdoors. They’re only about an hour away from the Denver metro area, too, so urban life is only a short drive away.


What types of homes are in Wiggins?

Single-family homes are the norm in Wiggins. If you’re thinking about moving in, you can shop for suburbia-style two- and three-bedroom homes with spacious backyards and nearby neighbors. You can just as easily shop for big single-family homes on 40-acre lots, far from prying eyes and with plenty of room for horses.

Homes in Wiggins suit the local lifestyle. You won’t find any overcrowding here, just wide-open spaces and outdoorsmen-friendly neighborhoods. It might sound old fashioned so far, but homes in Wiggins can be (or already are) equipped with smart technology and security systems.

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What’s unique about Wiggins?

Wiggins is such a small, tightknit community that it can’t help but offer its own unique style. Inside the city limits, local businesses like Country Hardware and Bella’s Market are bustling with activity. The local restaurants keep Wiggins residents coming back for more. No one can say Wiggins isn’t a family-friendly place. When summer arrives, residents flock outdoors for a seemingly endless barrage of community events, including festivals, baseball and softball games, and kids’ recreational activities. Wiggins residents love to barbecue and national holidays are true celebrations. The town goes all-out with tractor pulls, craft shows, and historical celebrations.


Where are the good schools in Wiggins?

Wiggins is its own school district, educating kids from their preschool years all the way up until they graduate high school and go off to college. Parents can expect their children to receive an excellent education. The kids will love the district’s popular extracurricular activities and sports. Take a look at these great local schools to learn more.


Jet Ski "Vincent"
`By Corentin Foucaut

What are the best things to do in Wiggins?

Just a few miles north of town, residents are free to explore some excellent state parks. During the summer, Wiggins citizens head to Jackson Lake State Park for waterskiing, jet skiing, windsurfing, and sailing. Kids love the park’s two beaches. Fishermen can hope to catch bass, crappie, wiper, channel catfish, and rainbow trout in these calm waters.

The picturesque Pawnee Buttes and Pawnee National Grasslands are also just north of town. The Buttes famously jut 300 feet out of the grasslands. Hikers can head over to the first of these landmarks (the second is on private property) about a mile and a half down the public trail.

From Wiggins, it’s only about an hour drive to Denver, where possibilities are endless. You and your family can explore museums, like the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, and animal exhibits at the Downtown Aquarium and Denver Zoo. Of course, Denver is also home to its own unique restaurants, shops, and barrage of outdoor activities.

When winter arrives, there are plenty of places to ski. In the Rocky Mountains, there are slopes suitable for everyone from total beginners to the most extreme athletes. If skiing isn’t your thing, book a night at a resort and sip mulled wine by the fire while your family shivers on the lifts.


Is Wiggins right for me?

If you love the local Colorado landscape – that is, gorgeous mountains and expansive plains – you’ll be able to settle down in Wiggins. It’s a great place to raise kids, too. There’s always a family-friendly event going on in town. You and your family will never have to miss out on city life, either, because Denver is so close. The strong community bonds, wide-open spaces, and modern family homes make Wiggins a great place to live.

If you’re shopping Wiggins real estate with something very particular in mind, I recommend getting in touch with one of our agents. Even if you have a long list of demands, we can help you find the home you want.


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